A new face of Greece - Baha Ammes Villas in Kefalonia island, Svoronata

A new face of Greece

In June we were for the fifth time in Greece and for the first time in Kefalonia. We discovered an unspoiled island (at the end of June) with attractive views. One of them is Georgios garden, where we were inspired to stay. It was a really botany lesson! The lemons that we ate from the trees were the best.(We made an acid ascorbic cure).
The pragmatic attraction of the garden were the outside showers with hot water (from under the lemon trees branches). Every day it was dificult to dissociate from that place.
Georgios was a really host, he helped us a lot( with the kaiak trip- very nice-, with the ferry boat) and we met there a very friendly italian family with whom we spent some lovely days. We were at Georgios pension like a big family.
P.S. For Georgios:your flower is doing well, it has some small burgeons...