Baha Ammes - Baha Ammes Villas in Kefalonia island, Svoronata

Baha Ammes

I just return from Kefalonia where I solo cicumnavigation the island in Kayak. my first and last day I spent in Baha Ammes at Mr. George flats. The houses among an amazing Botanical Garden whuch George and his wife grow. The garden is one of the finest I have ever seen. I would have call it Garden of Eden.
George and his wife are very pleasant people. The place itself locate about 5 minutes walking from the sea shore.
George was also kind enough to let me stay in the place until 20:00 the day I left.
It is for sure a place to be. I couldn't choose a better place for relaxing before and after the long paddling.
I'm sure I'll come again!
Thank you!